Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement


  • The United States Department of Homeland Security deems Transportation and Logistics an essential service.
  • As of now, there are no cargo restrictions to St. Croix. We are continuing to receive and move your cargo as usual. Our regular sailing is still every Thursday, and there is no interruption.
  • Reliable service has never been more critical than it is now. St. Croix is our home, and we are committed to our family and community.
  • Please check our site regularly for the latest updates regarding business operations.

Some of the measures we are taking to ensure the safety of our customers and employees include:

  • Increased Sanitation: We are following a strict, 20-second handwashing policy while continuously sanitizing all of our facilities. In addition, our containers are being sanitized with an Environmentally Preferred Product (EPP), DZ-7 (or similar) to ensure safe shipping.
  • Social Distancing: At all of our locations, we are maintaining a 6 ft / 2 m distance policy for employees and customers.
  • Ongoing Communication: We are constantly monitoring government issued updates related to COVID-19 to ensure we are taking appropriate actions.